Pelacha with Cora Novoa .- talking to Her Beats.

Pelacha and Cora Novoa explain their professional career in the world of electronic music. These two spanish artists talk with Her Beats to tell their story and show us their daily lives.

Synthesis Records

Universo_0 EP on Synthesis Records – by Pelacha.

Pelacha will release his EP Universo_0 for the sixth reference of the label - of the renowned dj and Spanish producer Dj Pepo - Synthesis Records. Accompanied by a remix dyed Electro at the hands of The Zenobit3 and will come out on 21 August.

The Zenobit3

The Zenobit3 launches his new single with SETI Recordings.

The Zenobit3 launches his new single - "Lights from the past" and "Illusion" - STRD003 -SETI Recordings. Getting ready for MUGAKO festival 2017.

More Than Less

Error Etica travels to South Korea with More Than Less label.

Error Etica will be playing in Busan [15 Feet Under] and Seoul [Contra] -- More Than Less Showcase with Soolee and Rraph. Foucault's Pendulum EP.

Sadistic Rituals

Sadistic Rituals – New album by Christian Wünsch.

Sadistic Rituals is a mature labour from Wunsch’s mesmerizing 11-track excursion into light and darkness, instantly recognizable as fitting with his own sonic identity.

The title hints at what to expect from the album. It will come out very soon. But in the meantime you can listen to the preview in Soundcloud!

EP Teseracto

PSKDS 009: Teseracto EP. – by Error Etica

Pyshoskunk - The label owner alias Error Etica present this complete EP Teseracto for the reference number nine. This EP showcases the different sides of this project...
Support by: Angel Molina, P.E.A.R.L, HD Substance, Takaaki Itoh NX1, Stephanie Sykes, and many more.

Tsunami ep elementary particles

New EP «Elementary partcles» on Tsunami Records

"Elementary Particles" is a VVAA, including tracks from Oscuro, Kolpos, Dyad and Christian Wünsch. Christian Wünsch returns to his beautiful and unmistakable techno sound - refined, overwhelming - a gift for the ears. The EP will be release the 20th of June, Don't miss it out!!.


Pelacha release her new EP «VALORES» (Redsonja Records)

Pelacha just release her new EP (Digital) “ VALORES ” on her own label Redsonja Records. It got really good feedbacks so far from international producers. Full of powerful and deep techno tracks.

“Valores” (values) emerges from Pelacha’s deepest thoughts and reflections. She defines it really passionate, poetically: “After a deep journey, I discovered myself hiding all the obvious, so trying so hard to connect with my soul in the deepest moments of a dream, my best future answered me and I opened my eyes. Values are guides of behavior that lead us to be better people – and they are subjective, although they count. Looking for coherence”.