PSKDS 009: Teseracto EP. – by Error Etica

The label owner alias Error Etica present this complete EP Teseracto for the reference number nine, This EP showcases the different sides of this project, from mental, slow paced and rhythmical structures, to sharper and more tensioned textures. Attens the kick drum and works with more abstract synth lines.
Early support by: Angel Molina, P.E.A.R.L, HD Substance, Takaaki Itoh NX1, Stephanie Sykes, and many more.

a1-Error Etica – A New Era of Thought – 5:55
a2-Error Etica – Coordenadas Cartesianas – 2:38
b1-Error Etica – Diagrama Coxeter-Dynkin – 5:36
b2-Error Etica – Teseracto – 5:27