Pelacha release her new EP «VALORES» (Redsonja Records)

Pelacha just release her new EP (Digital) “ VALORES ” on her own label Redsonja Records. It got really good feedbacks so far from international producers. Full of powerful and deep techno tracks.

“Valores” (values) emerges from Pelacha’s deepest thoughts and reflections. She defines it really passionate, poetically: “After a deep journey, I discovered myself hiding all the obvious, so trying so hard to connect with my soul in the deepest moments of a dream, my best future answered me and I opened my eyes.

Values are guides of behavior that lead us to be better people – and they are subjective, although they count.

Looking for coherence”.


1_Pelacha_Viaje Estelar
2_Pelacha_Ocultando la Conciencia
3_Pelacha_Voces de Otro Tiempo
4_Pelacha_Abre los Ojos