Sadistic Rituals – New album by Christian Wünsch.

After his successful “Internal Conversion” LP on Polegroup, Christian Wünsch returns home to Tsunami Records with his third album Sadistic Rituals.

Sadistic Rituals is a mature labour from Wunsch’s mesmerizing 11-track excursion into light and darkness, instantly recognizable as fitting with his own sonic identity.

The title hints at what to expect from the album. It will come out very soon, but in the meantime you can listen to the preview in Soundcloud!

Track list:
1 – Behind closed doors.
2 – Sexual abuse.
3 – Tied to chairs.
4 – Violence and abuse.
5 – Degrading exersices.
6 – Bleeding walls.
7 – Senseless acts.
8 – Involuntary sadism.
9 – Getting exposed.
10 – Hidden faces.
11 – Time for revenge.